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Jews News started as a tiny Facebook page that Baruch Hashem has grown into the largest Jewish Facebook page on earth. We post a variety of material each day that hopes to impact our audience, which is made up almost exclusively of our fellow Jews and pro-Israel supporters from around the world. We realized that in order to achieve our goal of bringing truthful news to the world, we would have to develop our own website that would give us the freedom to post exactly what we wanted at all times.

Truth is a missing component of the modern world, and our desire is to bring it back to the Jewish news that you receive each day. Our hope is that our audience will contribute to our goal and write articles or send us links that show the beauty of what Judaism intended our world to be. We also intend to shed light on the truth of what is happening in Israel, not what the mainstream media is passing off as news. We created this platform for anybody who enthusiastically wants to positively contribute to a Jewish world that is so desperately needing it. Please enjoy the website and contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. We look forward to bringing you the best Jewish news on earth, thanks for visiting Jews News.

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